Playing Ottoneu

Baseball Cards / Jed Thorn

Episode Summary

Baseball Cards? Yes, please! Today I chat with Ottoneu Original, and one of the main collectors of our #baseball-cards slack channel, Jed Thorn. We touch on everything Ottoneu, collecting cards, and we even rip a box. And yes!...we do talk about RageCuts®

Episode Notes

00:00 - Baseball Cards
05:24 - The Eye Test: LuisAngel Acuña
07:41 - Mmaude Slack Update
09:47 - Jed Thorn
44:18 - More cards...

Are you curious about Vitillas? 

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All the music on this episode is from Storyblocks, and Epidemic Music.

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Don't know what the hell is Ottoneu?   Check this out!